Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: Miffy Curved Grip 0.5mm Gel Ink Pen in Pink

This adorable Miffy curved grip 0.5mm gel ink pen comes to us here from Cool Pencil Case - a really fun site that's chock full of super cute stationery - like this eraser, pencil case, and awesome stickers. As seen in Mailbox Goodies recently, Cool Pencil Case sent us a super duper package of things to play with and review! Here's a big THANK YOU to Cool Pencil Case!

The other day, I was doing some internet readings and came across a list of 100 ways to change your life and I was in the journaling-y type mood so I decided to write them out in my notebook. I used this Miffy curved grip 0.5mm gel ink pen and I very much enjoyed it so I decided to review it first.
Miffy curved grip 0.5mm
Awww plaid and bunny!
The pen is surprisingly large in hand - not long, but is wide in diameter. The body is plastic with a rubbery grip section that is a little thinner than the rest of the pen. Given the materials, it's not heavy. The grip is firm, not squishy, but provides texture enough to hold the pen comfortably.
Miffy curved grip 0.5mm
It's very hard to hold a pen with your other hand and take a picture of it at the same time.
The grip, cap, and cute plaid design and Miffy are all color matched with each other - in either gray or pink. The cap does have a clip so you can attach it to your binder or papers, or just keep it in your pencil case if you prefer.
Miffy curved grip 0.5mm
Nice looking. Kinda resembles a correction pen.
Miffy curved grip 0.5mm
Hello cute little cap!
The ink is a wet black gel ink that I'd have to say writes a tiny bit bigger than 0.5mm because of how inky it is.
Miffy curved grip 0.5mm & Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.4mm
Sitting next to a Pilot Hi-Tec-C in 0.4mm. 
I am a big fan of wet writing gel pens and this one delivers! The nib is not stingy at all with ink flow but it's well balanced because it doesn't blob or smudge. I wrote this entire sample page and did not experience any writing fatigue or hand cramping. Why am I being so technical about such a cute, silly pen? Because I'm guessing most of you who would like it are students and want it for notetaking, so you need to know that writing extensively with this won't hurt!
Miffy curved grip 0.5mm Writing Sample
Well, I haven't tried all these ways to change my life. And I suspect some of them just won't work. But it's cute in theory. And was fun to write out!!
The downsides are the ink is only available in black, and the pen is not refillable. But it's super cute, so that scores it major points!!

CoolPencilCase - $2.50

If you are wanting a cute, smooth gel pen, you can't go wrong with a Miffy curved grip 0.5mm gel ink pen! Plus you can pick from two colors! People will be jealous if you start taking notes at school with this. Or at work.

Also, you can then spend hours browsing Cool Pencil Case like I did. And fabricate a massive wish list.

**I was provided with one or more of these products to review, but all opinions are my own!


Kayte B said...

funny. as I come across this, I realize. . .I have this pen now! Lol

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