Saturday, September 8, 2012

Washi Tape Pen Cups

My pen cups were overflowing. My desk was a mess. These were desperate times. Pens were being stuck in places they couldn't fit!
Pen Cups Overflowing
Well, no, not really. But we had these really cute containers from gelato/sorbetto we had bought, and I thought they would be perfect as modified pen cups!
Empty Containers
These are delicious, FYI.
Empty Containers
And the containers are sturdy and adorable.
And Kevin said washi tape is useless. PUH! Shows what he knows! I employed my new "printed paper tape" from Target to prove him wrong!
Pen Cups Washi Tape
A mixture of green, orange, yellow, and dots. 
Pen Cups Washi Tape
Pinky-red, blue, orange, and green stripes!
Pen Cups
The end products!
Pen Cups
I think they're cute. And they look cute on my desk! And have added a whole bunch more space for my pens - the ones that belong on the desk at all times anyway! There are so many more pens...
I thought about putting two layers but I kind of liked being able to see the cute font through the tape. Plus when it's not light out, you can't really see the writing anyway.
Ink Cup
They also hold ink samples very cutely.

What do you guys think? How do you use your washi tape?


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