Monday, July 16, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: OrganInks, Get Glue & "Washi" Tape

Ok, so the "washi" tape isn't technically Mailbox Goodies, but they're new items so I figured I'd just add them in here. I've been sick all weekend and as such, I'm rather miserable, but I had a great set of mailbox goodies today!

I signed up for Organics Studios full ink review membership this week, and my samples arrived already!
OrganInks Samples
What's in heeeere? I started opening it in the car but realized pulling out fluffy packing peanuts with the air conditioning on high was a bad idea. Self restraint people, I've got it. 
OrganInks Samples
All bundled up safely.
OrganInks Samples
The neon arrived in my previous order, but I added it in anyway. I am in love with the eyedropper bottle. I wish they were all adorable wee little eyedropper bottles. 
Some stickers from Get Glue (don't judge me based on these stickers please. I'll do anything for stickers)...
Get Glue Stickers
I looooveses stickers!
And last but not least, I dragged Kevin to Target to help me look for these "printed paper rolls" - which essentially look like washi tapes. There were four color sets, fortunately in stock, so I picked up one of each and asked Kevin to help me pick a color... and he kept all four for me. He said "We'll just stand here for half an hour to come to the conclusion I'm going to come to: get them all". Isn't he awesome? Well, sometimes he is, because he's vehemently against washi tape, but that's probably because he's a guy and is trying to stop me from buying an absurd stock of it. ... Which may happen yet. Anyway, they were $4.09 per set. Not bad.
Washi Tape from Target
Blue, green, red, and orange! 


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