Monday, July 30, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: Goulet Pens, eBay, Stickers & Field Notes

I had been thinking about adding a few more Lamy nibs to my arsenal for ink review purposes - I figure a lot of people have seen or own a Lamy, so they'd be familiar with the nib sizes. I know, there are also many people who don't have Lamys, but I already had a few so I figured, meh, may as well get them all. In the end, I didn't get a broad nib, but I now have a nice range - both for ink reviews, and for calligraphy practice. I also bit the bullet on a TWSBI.
Goulet Pens Biodegradable Wrap
FYI this stuff makes a great cat toy, supervised use only though. This green packaging material went into the recycling after the cats investigated it.
Goulet Pens Wrap
Classic. I save this for my own parcels.
Ink Vials and Rack
Here we have 20 ink vials, and 2 ink racks (yes, because I have that many tubes that need a home).
I only bought the yellow one! It has a 1.9mm calligraphy nib. The others are just here to hang out and look pretty. Still missing the orange though, aren't I?
Err... I guess I bit the bullet on two TWSBIs...
TWSBI & Lamy
I had HIGH expectations for the TWSBIs.
The amber TWSBI has an EF nib and is from Goulet Pens. Unfortunately, they were sold out of the clear 540 + 1.1mm nib so I had to get that from eBay. Because I couldn't decide between the amber and the clear. Eventually I just drove Kevin crazy and he was like JUSTGETBOTH!
TWSBI & Lamy
The amber is inked with Noodler's Navy, and the clear is inked with Irosizuku Kon-Peki, which, by the way, looks absolutely gorgeous in the barrel. Especially in sunlight. The Lamy is inked with Rohrer & Klingner Alt Goldgrun. 
I also got some Obama stickers in the mail. Not that I can vote here, but a gal can show some support, right?
Obama Stickers
I suppose by showing this, I have given away my political views.

Last but not least, this surprised showed up a little later than the others. Kevin was the one who had to convince me that it made sense to get a Field Notes Colors subscription, because it would be "regular surprises" in the mail, and I'd have so many that I'd HAVE to use them up, and not hoard them in panic. And that's how I ended up with this first shipment from Field Notes. Not only did I receive the National Crop Edition (and the red-blooded 3-pack I got as well), they sent along a pen, pencil, calendar, and TWO other 3-packs. Ok so this will keep me occupied for awhile. Field Notes are my new "purse notebook". I absolutely adore using these in my purse - they're tiny, adorable, and they crinkle when I fill them up.
Field Notes
Field Notes


Estivalia said...

I envy your collection of Safaris :P!
(soon, pink Safari, soon)
Looks like you're good to go for a while on the notebooks! :) I'm with Kevin on the idea of having a surprise every month in the mail, that's why I loved the InkDrop

Azizah Asgarali said...

YESSSS PINK! I love the pink. I was worried it would be too bubblegummy but it's poifect. I like the idea of Ink Drop, except I kept wondering what to do if I got inks I already had.. I suspect sooner or later I'll be on it anyway buahahaha

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