Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: Zebra Regal Arrow 0.7mm Liquid Ink Pen - Orange

These pretty pens were sent by a friend for me to test out, after she saw my absurd orange-themed Shades of Tuesday. Obviously I was lacking orange pens. I am very glad she sent these pens for me though because they turned out to be totally awesome.
Zebra Regal Arrow
Oh you are a saucy minx!
First, they look awesome. Beautiful, pearlescent white bodies that are ever so slightly translucent so you can see faint orange underneath. I love this effect! The ink window has a cute cross-hatch pattern over it but you can see the ink level through it. The end plug and cap plug are orange to match the color of the ink, and while I usually hate chrome colored clips, I think it looks perfect on this pen. The shape of the clip is also surprisingly desirable.
Zebra Regal Arrow
Zebra Regal Arrow
Close up of that grip AND ink window!
The ink is a fantastic orange color - vibrant, solid, and bold, especially combined with the great rollerball tip. The ink dries very quickly, especially on this Staples sugarcane-based paper notebook, so it doesn't smudge like a lot of liquid ink pens do. I love how the ink rolls out of the pen and onto the page. It's very satisfying!
Zebra Regal Arrow Writing Sample
Lovely pen to write with.
Aside from the great ink, my favorite part of the pen is the grip. It is a matte clear grip with raised rings around it. But I love the way it feels for some reason. Oh, and the cap clicks with such reckless abandon that you'll fall head over heels for it. The click is perfect. And it posts.

As for water resistance, I was surprised to find the words remained visible and legible after being soaked with water, and then brushed with a waterbrush. The ink does lift off the page and tint the water, but for a liquid ink, it holds up well.
Zebra Regal Arrow Writing Sample Close Up
A true 0.7mm!
Zebra Regal Arrow Water Resistance
Some water resistance detail...impressive, right?
Take a Peek
The Pen Addict (0.5mm review)
JetPens - $1.80
Do you like liquid ink pens? I highly recommend this pen, unless you need professional boring colors for work or some other sad thing like that. This is definitely one of my favorite liquid ink pens - up there with the Pilot Precise V5. Isn't it an honor to be among those ranks?


mjcong said...

so i heard from Sara A. that they were discontinuing this pen in the US? not that i've ever seen it in orange here either

Azizah Asgarali said...

I haven't heard mention from JetPens that it's discontinued yet either... hopefully it's not.. I really like it. This always happens to me. Then I have to buy a whole ton and hoard them. It's not my fault even!!

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