Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: Organics Studio Uranium Green Ink

What's this? A new ink? That's right! This lovely uranium green is made by Organics Studio. Organics Studio describe themselves as a small start up company based in Maryland, owned by a biochemistry major, Tyler Thompson. The first product Organics Studio has put out is a line of fountain pen inks - OrganINK.

I purchased three bottles of ink from Organics Studio - the uranium green, mercury red, and Tyler made a custom pink to match my blog, which officially makes him my ink hero, because it's PERFECT, and he nailed it on the first go. He didn't even need to send me a swatch first. But that review will come later. I wanted to do the uranium first because it's a color I don't have a lot of - green - and it's available for purchase by others. (I doubt anyone else wants Gourmet pink!) Tyler also generously added a sample of neon orange for me to try out as well.

First I noted that after sitting, pigment settles at the bottom of the bottle, so it has to be swirled to get it back into solution. This implies to me it's saturated - as is the case with J. Herbin's anniversary ink, though in writing, I don't feel as though the ink is very saturated. Cleaning has not been difficult in the Lamy Safari extra fine nib - the ink washes off the pen easily and out of the converter with no problems. There are no chunks or globs. There is a very, very tiny amount of nib creep. I mean really tiny amount.
Uranium Settling
You can easily see what's settled.
Uranium Settling
The ink is very well behaved and surprised me with its performance on thin paper. I did the first writing sample with a Lamy Safari extra fine nib in a Staples sugarcane based notebook - meaning the paper is fairly thin. I was truly surprised to find there was no feathering whatsoever, though there was show through and bleed through. I was expecting that, but in terms of bleed through, my liquid ink pens bleed through the paper worse than this ink does. Running a Kuretake waterbrush over portions of my writing and was also surprised to find not all of it washed away instantly. I'd have to say the ink maintains some water resistance, because although it runs a little with smearing, the lines still remained easily visible.
Organics Studio FP Ink
Dries in approximately 20 - 25 seconds on this very velvety paper. Much faster on "normal" paper - which is pretty typical with ink on "coated" versus cheaper paper.
Organics Studio FP Ink
The ink is darker with wetter nibs of course, as well as where the ink pooled on the third swab section. Err... sorry for the hideous swab. You get the idea anyway.
Organics Studio FP Ink
A fairly wet ink.
Uranium green is a wonderful, soft green. It's not too dark, not too light. When I think of "green", this is the exact shade of green I picture. The uranium description is a fun twist because the ink is a vibrant color, which suits the glowing idea of uranium!
Organics Studio FP Ink Comparison of Greens
Hanging out with a few other greens. 
Organics Studio FP Ink
A writing sample on thinner paper - the Staples sugarcane based notebook. I love these notebooks, and this paper handles this ink beautifully. NO feathering. Amazing.
Another great thing I can say about Organics Studio is they have fantabulous customer service. I have emailed Tyler before and literally received a response within the following ten minutes. Not that this will always happen, but he always makes an effort to keep in touch with customers, and he is very kind and is open to suggestions and recommendations.

I was lucky enough to secure a spot as part of Organics Studio full ink review membership, which I am really excited about, so you can expect more color reviews to come! And maybe I will even have a mini giveaway and send someone some ink to try! If you were interested that is...

I haven't scanned any of these because I think I captured the color quite well with the camera, but if you'd like to see scans, please let me know. I don't have a scanner at home... le sigh. So I'll have to send it off to work with Kevin to be scanned. Or invest in a scanner for myself!

Follow Organics Studio!

Organics Studio - $12.50 for 55 ml - the first four colors are available!
This green is not yet available in bottles, but there are samples! Let's hope they keep it in the production line!

I highly recommend trying this color, though if green is not your thing - there are several other colors available that may suit your tastes more. Or you could ask Tyler about making you a custom color! I like to support small companies, especially ones with wonderful customer service and new, growing products. I love this ink and its properties - it's very "obedient", and it's a pretty green.


Zeynep F. said...

Thanks for the great review. I guess those are the plain colors of Organics Studio, I hope there will be more of complex ones.

Aisazia said...

Daannnggg that is a gorgeous green! I love green, it's my favorite color. Love how vibrant and saturated the color is! Oh! So glad you used the Staples sugarcane paper. I just bought several on a whim a couple of days ago! lol Glad to know it works excellent with FPs. :D Thanks for the great/interesting review as always! :D

Bonnie Jean Woolger said...

ohhhhhhhhhh, I looooove greeen ink!!!

mary jane ong said...

ohh that is a pretty green.. btw, it does look like a jam jar per FPGeeks :)

Organics Studio said...

:)))) what a lovely review. Your blog, along with FPGeeks, may be my new favorite sites. Thank you for this! :)

Organics Studio said...

BUT this ink isn't available to everyone just yet. Only the first four are available :) It will be available soon though. Samples are still available!

Azizah Asgarali said...

Gah! Sorry, I fixed that! I hope you keep it, it's a lovely green for my tastes!

Azizah Asgarali said...

You know, to be ranked with FPGeeks as a favorite is an HONOR!! Thank you!

Azizah Asgarali said...

Do not eat it.

Azizah Asgarali said...

YES! The sugarcane paper is seriously awesome - it handles FP inks and liquid inks amazingly well. Liquid ink pens will bleed through but it's still awesome. Plus, the paper crinkles... which I love...

Azizah Asgarali said...

It is indeed a pretty standard color. I hope as the company grows they will go wackier, although the neon is pretty amazing. And the nickel! AND my custom pink!! Thanks so much for commenting :)

Dan Smith said...

Yeah, what Azizah said. This stuff does not taste like green apple Jolly Ranchers!

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