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Review & Giveaway: The UGLee Pen Ergonomic Pen

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This is a review of Dr. Lee's comfort pen - the Ultimate Grip Pen, a.k.a the UGLee Pen. Thank you to Dr. Lee for sending these pens for review! I've reviewed comfortable pens before, but never like this one.
UGLee Pen
New Grip.
UGLee Pen
Used Grip.
What exactly is an UGLee Pen? Well, Dr. James Lee, after experiencing pain from writing throughout his years in medical school, decided to design the ultimate comfort pen. After much experimentation, the result is this ultimately strange, but revolutionary and extremely comfortable pen!

This is a ballpoint pen that weighs a mere 11 grams - it's super light - so you don't have to grip the pen tightly. This wards off hand fatigue that often arises during extensive writing. And while it is a ballpoint, don't worry about having blobby, smudgy ink. The ink is very smooth and the tip size seems to be what I would personally call "bold" - so maybe 0.8 - 1.0 mm. My favorite thing about the ink? The smell. So delicious and solventy, and it has the kind of smell that I wish ALL ink had. I love it. And I love the color - it's a classic ballpoint, deep rich blue, just like all blue ballpoints should be!
UGLee Pen Tip and Grip
Bold tip.
The pen is designed to grip you - not the other way around. This strange grip you see is engineered to fit the anatomy of your hand so when you hold it, it fits just right. It is rubbery and textured (but not in a weird way), and my fingers go into the little grooves just perfectly. In fact, when I first got this pen, I just sat there holding it because it was so comfortable. The other nice thing about the grip is that it prevents the pen from rolling away!

Remember, it's not just hand fatigue that can happen - one can develop repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis can be exacerbated by a poor grip. And if you have kids, this pen is great to help children learn how to write - you can help kids prevent these problems well before they start.

So, does it live up to its name? It did for me. It really was comfortable to hold, it took almost no effort to write, and I wrote pages without my hand cramping. The ink is so smooth and consistent that it glides off the tip and onto the page.
UGLee Pen Writing Samples
Oh, and the UGLee pens are refillable!

On the downside, the grip does attract hair/fur/dust, so if you have cats or dogs, you're in for a messy grip if they get near it. Personally, I'm used to cat hair so I could care less. I just pluck the fur off, but some people are very particular about it. The grip of the pen I have used repeatedly has changed color slightly - it has become more "solid" and less translucent over time. It must be absorbing my awesomeness. Soon, it will be saturated with it.
UGLee Pen Grips - Color Change
Err....note the cat hair. Sorry. Also note how the color of the grip has changed.
Dr. Lee has kindly sent us extra UGLee pens for a giveaway!
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UGLee Pens
The sealed pink pack will be given to one winner, and a single red UGLee Pen will be given to another winner!

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UGLee Pen - $20.00 for three
UGLEE Pen Refills - $15.00 for ten (+ $2.95 S&H)
The Writing Pen Store - $5.95
Ebay - Prices vary, but they're pretty good overall!

Ok so you might be thinking, what the heck? This is a weird looking pen! Granted, it's no sexy fountain pen. But it performs its duties so well (you know, putting ink on paper, being comfortable to hold and write with) that I am very much willing to look past this weirdness. In fact, it's so unique, it has rather grown on me! I enjoyed writing with this pen, and I love the color and smell of the ink - major selling points for this pen addict. It will remain in my pen cup as one of my go-to pens.

**I was provided one or more of these products for review, but all opinions are my own!


Zeynep F. said...

Is it possible to enter giveaway from Turkey?

Azizah Asgarali said...

Yep you can :) And if you are a winner, I'll just figure out how to pack it up so it arrives to you safely :D

Sara Anderson said...

These are so strange I bet they get a lot of attention at meetings, etc. :)

Zeynep F. said...

Oh, I am in :)

Elaine Douglas-Rioux said...

thanks! these look cool!

Heather said...

These are very unusual looking pens, but I like unusual. :)

Laird N Crystal Englot said...

I must say being a sufferer of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both of my hands at the moment (with no surgery scheduled in the near future) I would definately give these a try. I currently can NOT write anything more than a few words at a time until my hand gets too sore to write and goes numb. Entered and sure hope to win. Thank you for the opportunity.

Azizah Asgarali said...

Thank you for entering :) Good luck :D It sounds like you would really benefit from an UGLee pen!!

Melody Goodwin Hampshire said...

really like these pins so comfortable to hold I want them in in all colors.

Anne Staszalek said...

Comfort aside (and my arthritic fingers lust for comfortable pens, trust me) I kinda think these are really lovely... your pictures make them look lovely!

Azizah Asgarali said...

Thank you <3 I have no policy against previous winners winning again :)

J C said...

Congrats to the winners!

Bonnie Jean Woolger said...

:) thank you !!!

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