Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Power to the Pen Doodles

Pilot has a new Power to the Pen movement going on and it's about self-expression through the pen as a medium! Whether you're jotting down recipes, sketches, or creating masterpieces, you're using a pen to do it.
You can go to Pilot's page and submit photos of your own self-expression by clicking on the pen you used to create it - currently the options are the G-2, Precise, FriXion, or the B2P. I submitted a few pictures yesterday, as seen below! You may have seen two of them on the blog before but I really like them so I thought I'd share them again.
Pilot G2 Doodle

Pilot B2P Doodle

Pilot G2 Doodle

Pilot G2 Doodle
I think it's really fun and cool. Surely you all have doodles and masterpieces you'd like to share - I personally love seeing the work of other people!


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