Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Dong-A Cronix Hybrid Ink 1.0mm Ballpoint Pen

For some reason, I am drawn to things with "hybrid ink" even though I really have no idea what this means. It makes me think of smooth, jelly-type ink. ... Whatever that is. I am also a fan of Dong-A because of the Dong-A Miffy Scented gel ink pens so I thought I would give this Dong-A Cronix hybrid ink ballpoint pen a shot.
Dong-A Cronix Hybrid
Pretty good looking.
 The Dong-A Cronix pen has a very classic barrel design - slightly wider at the grip and a little thinner towards the top. The pen is black with a blue clicker (to indicate blue ink) and a grey grip with little ridges in it. I think it would have looked neater with a blue grip to match the ink and clicker, but it's still nice as it is. It's also available in black and red, so color-matched grips would be cool overall.
Dong-A Cronix Hybrid
Indeed, while you may think this is "just a ballpoint pen", this pen is unique because of the hybrid ink. I'm not sure what it's made of or what it's hybridized with (too nerdy?) but I will tell you what - it sure makes this baby write smoothly! The pen glides so easily while I'm writing, but is not slippery or uncontrollable. My writing still looks uniform and consistent and there are no skips in the ink. The bold 1.0mm also contributes to the smoothness. Surprisingly, I don't feel as though I'm writing with a 1.0mm tip when I'm using this pen. Perhaps because the lines are very precise and not blobby and messy.

Speaking of blobby, while a lot of other pens write smoothly - like the new PaperMate InkJoy 700 RT ballpoint pens - the Dong-A Cronix hybrid ink ballpoint pen does not blob, and thus, it does not smear. So the difference you pay for is a nicer, more comfortable body, and far better ink. Seems fair, doesn't it?
Dong-A Cronix Hybrid Writing Sample
Great for writing with - especially on this Banditapple Carnet.
Dong-A Cronix Hybrid Pen Comparisons
Mmm pretty pens. Notice how solid the ink is.
Plus, the ink dries almost instantly. The hybrid ink is like the smoothness and consistency of a gel ink, but the quick-drying quality of a ballpoint ink. Not a bad combination, really. And no blobs like you can get with ballpoint pens.

The last thing I love about this pen is the color of the ink - yes, it's blue - but it's a very bold, vibrant blue that stays in the professional range of blue, but is not just a plain boring blue. The ink is very well complemented by the 1.0mm tip size.
Dong-A Cronix Hybrid
Doesn't really look like a 1.0mm tip but it is!
The Dong-A Cronix Hybrid ballpoint pen hanging out with a ballpoint, and two gel ink pens. 
My only complaint is that this pen is not refillable. It pains me to throw the whole thing in the garbage. If it was refillable, I would also hope for some more colors. Why do companies only make black, blue, and red? So boring.

Ding-Dong Another Review
Pocket Blonde

JetPens - $2.10

The hybrid ink of this ballpoint pen puts in a higher category than "just a ballpoint" - no blobs, no smudges and smears, and lefty-friendly. While I wish this pen was refillable, other blobby pens are often not refillable and this one only costs like $0.50 more, in which case, you should get this one instead because of its super smooth writing and overall appealing look!


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