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Shoplet.com Review: Royce Leather iPhone Sleeve & Big Tag

We received a very different set of products for review from what we usually sample from Shoplet - they do fall somewhat into the category of office supplies because nowadays, a lot of people carry iPhones. Alas, I am not one of those people, but I do have an iPod Touch which I think is just as suitable for this review. I think a lot of people have either an iPhone OR an iPod Touch! The two items are: the Royce Leather iPhone Sleeve, and a Royce Leather The Big Tag.
Royce Packaging
Kinda super cool boxes, right?
Royce Leather Sleeve
Simple and tidy!
The sleeve is very plain and simple - it's made of genuine black leather that is very, very soft and smooth. The walls are slightly bendy and the bottom and sides have stretchy elastic material. It's a very classy looking sleeve and of course is not much larger than an iPhone itself.

  • Protect your iPhone with this sleek design.
  • An elegant leather cover with easy access to your iPhone

What do I like?
Royce Leather Sleeve
Next to my iPod Touch, wearing an iSkin pebble case.
Having used this for my iPod Touch, I like how easy it is to slip the device in and out of the sleeve. The inside is covered in a velvet-type material to prevent scratches to your device. This also means the device doesn't "stick" to the insides, which would otherwise make it difficult to remove. It's also nice and slim, even with my iPod in it! Overall, it doesn't fail in its design, and I appreciate its simplicity. 

Royce Leather Sleeve
Still a skinny mini.
Royce Leather Sleeve
Doesn't stick out so it's pretty well covered.
Royce Leather Sleeve
Slides out easily.
What don't I like?

I've never really been into sleeves for devices - especially things like phones. If they have clips, I find them too bulky to attach to anything, and if they don't have clips, I find them rather useless because they need to be put somewhere. This sleeve does not have a clip. For a gal with a purse, it's easy to carry it in a purse, but what about a girl or guy with no pockets (or purse)? Sticking this sleeve in one's pocket would be very bulky and cumbersome to remove. 

I was way more excited about The Big Tag than I was for the iPhone sleeve - partly because I don't have an iPhone, and partly because The Big Tag is just way cuter.  It's a small, rectangular tag made of soft leather in the color described as "wild berry", which sounds adorable and yummy! There is a gold clasp attached to a loop of leather, and a flap that reveals an identification card. The card can be removed through the slot.

  • Finding your luggage is easy with The Big Tag.
  • Top Grain Nappa Cowhide, strong lobster claw rotating clasp hooks securely to your luggage, privacy flap keeps your information from prying eyes.

What do I like?

As I said, I am more excited about The Big Tag. I will be travelling back to Canada in August/September so this will be perfect for my luggage. I like that there is a privacy flap because honestly, I don't want any Joe Shmo to know the following information about me: Name, Address, City & State, Zip, Phone, Social Security No., Employed By, or my Emergency Contacts. The back of the card also has space for my telephone numbers and addresses (perhaps places your luggage can be sent if it is lost and then found).
Royce Leather Tag
The backside - very smooth and smells like real leather!
Royce Leather Tag
The secret flap!
Royce Leather Tag
Open to REVEAL!
The card slot is a pretty standard size so should my information change, it'll be easy to make up a new card to fit in the slot. Fortunately, my luggage has never been lost - which is somewhat of a miracle - but I will feel a bit more at ease knowing my luggage is obviously tagged with this pink tag! Plus, it'll make it easier to find when it's on the luggage pick-up belt!

I may also use it for my carry-on, as seen here, because it looks awesome on it.
Royce Leather Tag on Carry On
Clipped to a Lihit Lab Teffa 2 Way Carrying Bag. It looks cute on it, doesn't it?
What don't I like?

I think this tag is really cute and well-designed, except I wonder if the metal clasp is strong enough to withstand the rigors of being attached to a piece of luggage in transit. I also worry about its color and soft leather being destroyed or hideously discolored in transit. But those aren't really dislikes so much as worries. I'm sure it'll hold up better than the little paper tags airlines provide!

Personally though, I wouldn't put my Social Security No. on the information card.



The Royce Leather iPhone Sleeve is a very classy, simple sleeve, and wile it's a great quality, easy to use, and attractive sleeve, I personally don't see a need for sleeves so I'd only recommend it if you are interested in sleeves or need one. Otherwise, it won't offer the same spectrum of protection as an actual case. 

I do more eagerly recommend the Royce Leather The Big Tag because it's cute, comes in a variety of colors, and serves a practical purpose - all luggage should be identifiable. The price is pretty typical of luggage tags, but this one is real leather so that makes it a pretty good deal. The wild berry is my favorite color out of them all!

**I was provided one or more of these products for review, but all opinions are my own!


J C said...

Great review! I didn't get this to review... Hey I have that skin that you have on your iPhone!

Azizah Asgarali said...

Why thank you! I think Shoplet is sending out different things to different people now... someone just reviewed a Fellowes air purifier and I was like darn. I want to review that (having 4 cats and a mom who is deathly allergic to cats and all) lol

I love the owl!!!!

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